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RHOC Star Tamra Judge’s Plastic Surgery and Tattoos – Before and After Pictures

Published Sun Sep 29 2019 By DGM
RHOC Star Tamra Judge’s Plastic Surgery and Tattoos – Before and After Pictures

The 'Real Housewives of Orange Country (RHOC)' star Tamra Judge has gone under the knife and got the job done in her body. She also has inked three tattoos on her body up to now.

Judge has been very open about the plastic surgeries that she has had and says that one shouldn't hesitate to open about having the job done. Here is everything you need to know about the plastic surgeries and tattoos of the star:

Tamra Jugde Before & After

Eddie Judge's wife Tamra has transformed quite a lot throughout the past decades. She has been able to alter her appearance surprisingly with the help of a surgeon's knife. Take a look at her picture before and after the surgeries:

A picture of Tamra Judge before (left) and after (right) plastic surgeries.
Tamra Judge before (left) and after (right) plastic surgeries.
Image Source: Radar Online

As you can see, there are a lot of differences on her face, thanks to the almighty plastic surgeries she has had.

Neck Lift

Simon Barney's ex-wife has openly revealed that she had her neck done by going under the magical knife of plastic surgeon Dr. Ambe. She said that she wouldn't actually call her surgery a surgery but would instead call it a comeback. She had the surgery when she celebrated her 10th year in the reality show 'Real Housewives of Orange Country'.

Face Lift

Tamra Judge has also admitted to Andy Cohen that she indeed opt for a face lift too. She did the surgery along with the neck lift to commemorate her 10 year anniversary on the show 'RHOC.' 

A picture of Tamra Judge before (left) and after (right) face lift.
Tamra Judge before (left) and after (right) face lift.
Image Source: Radar Online

Tamra said that she was really afraid to have her face done because it would be really bad if things went wrong. So, for this, her mother, Sandra Baker helped her by taking her to the surgeon Dr. Milind K. Ambe

Baker was the one who had her face lifted 11 years back by the same doctor. Dr. Ambe even posted a before and after surgery picture of Judge's mother clarifying that he does a very good job on people's face. Hence, she got the under the knife knowing that she was in good hands.

Permanent Ink on Lips

The reality television actress has also been very open that she inked her lips with permanent ink. She visited Permanent Makeup by Justine to have the long-lasting and permanent ink on her lips. She has added a subtle pink shade to her lips by going through Justine's magical lip fillers. 

The fillers weren't for filling up the size, but was to fill up the colors to her lips. According to the star's surgeon, she and her friends are also rumored to have her eyebrows and lips previously.

Tattoos & Their Meaning

The 52 years old actress Tamra Judge has inked a total of three tattoo on her body till date which each holding a different meaning. Here are the tattoos she got inked:

A picture of Tamra Judge's tattoos.
Tamra Judge's tattoos.

Tagline on Upper Foot

The mother of four has inked her favorite tagline on her upper foot of her right leg. The tagline reads 'Faith, Family, Fitness' and is inked with red ink. But as the tattoo is temporary, the tattoo appears to be some sort of 'mehendi', a type of Asian cosmetic good. She clearly said that the tattoo is temporary but may even go for making it a permanent.

Removed 'Simon' Tattoo on Ring Finger

Tamra used to have the word 'Simon' inked on the ring finger of her left finger. She inked the tattoo when she was previously married to her ex-husband, Simon Barney

She had the tattoo when things were too good between the then couple. However, after the couple splitted, she removed the tattoos which was very difficult and painful for her.  

Yin-Yang Symbol on Lower Back

A yin-yang symbol which represents balance and unity between male and female was previously inked on the lower back of Tamra Judge. The tattoo was surrounded by flames of fire and was inked so that it would match her ex-husband Simon. After separating with him, she removed the tattoo by having an expensive laser treatment.

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