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Pete Burns' Looks Like Disaster After Failed Plastic Surgeries

Published Thu Dec 12 2019 By DGM
Pete Burns' Looks Like Disaster After Failed Plastic Surgeries

The famous English musician, television personality, and singer-songwriter, late Peter Jozzeppi Burns also known as Pete Burns, was very obsessed with going under the knife and doing enhancements on his face. 

When asked about the surgeries, Burns stated that he realized that he was going to become a visual entity and therefore had to look good. For this reason, he had about 300 surgeries to gain all the adjustments and renovations on his face. Here are the surgeries that Burns had:

Pete Burns Before & After

The 'Dead or Alive' front-man Pete Burns transformed a lot throughout his mid career and the years before his death. It was because of all the extensive makeovers he had by using knife on his face. Check out the picture given below which represents his young days and old days:

A picture of Pete Burns before (left) and after (right).
Pete Burns before (left) and after (right).
Image Source: Pinterest

As you can very well see in the above picture, Pete first was a very charming man in the left side of the picture. But in the right picture, the artist looks like a woman with swollen facial features. He could be easily mistaken for a woman because of his female like face which he got from the cosmetic surgeries.

Nose Jobs

Michael Simpson's former husband Burns revealed that the first surgery he has had was nose job. It was long ago when he was 20 years old and his song 'You Spin Me Round' hit the chart and was a big success. He said that somebody heat butted him in Liverpool which made his nose to go on one side. After several speculations and gossips by media, he thought of reconstructing his nose.

Pete underwent a nose job and modified his damaged nose which cost him £750. The plastic surgeon removed most of his nose leaving only the two nostrils along with the bone in the middle. That was a very painful procedure which almost made him faint. 

As the surgery didn't went well for Burns, he had to wear an eye patch on his left eye to hide the damaged side of his nose. He had already had over 4 jobs done on his nose to fix the damage done by the previous surgeries.  

Cheekbone Implants

Pete Burns, who used to have a net worth of $500,000, also had some cosmetic procedures done on his cheekbones. As he wished that even God wouldn't recognize him when he died and went heaven, he urged even deeper to make changes on his face. For this, he visited a surgeon and added some solid implants on both sides of his cheeks. This made his cheeks appear more defined and emphasized. 

Numerous Lip Jobs

Not only nose and cheek surgeries, but the wonderful singer also was addicted to getting his lips injected. In desire of bigger pout and puffy lips, he chose to get his lips done. However, he started feeling a burning sensation on his lower lip and swell which made him visit the surgeon again and drain out the puffiness. The series of gig with the doctor and draining his lips became a schedule for him.

A picture of Pete Burns before (left) and after (right)  plastic surgery.
Pete Burns before (left) and after (right)  plastic surgery.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' star faced an even worse condition when the permanent lip filler which he injected on his lips started spreading all over his face. That caused his face to swollen up and emit yellow fluid while touching. With the injection being spread all over his cheeks, his lips was in great danger. He sued the surgeon who injected his lips and was able to collect £450k from him which he then used to remove the fillers.

For the next two years, Peter had repetitive surgeries in order to remove all the implants that migrated from his face from to his cheeks, Adam's apple, and the back of his eyes. The fillers were also migrated to his livers and kidneys for which there was no other option than excreting them out.

Lip Implants

After surgeons finished removing all the migrated substances off Jozzeppi's lips, they could proceed on giving some life to his devastated lips. They had two take out two pieces from the musician's stomach to form his upper and lower lip. Though his lips were fixed, his lips become so puffy and awful because of all the medication and surgeries.

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