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Nadeska Alexis

Published Tue Jul 05 2022 By dishant
Nadeska Alexis

Nadeska Alexis is a famous Journalist, who also gives some guidance in the music industry. She is working for Complex Media and she has has became a famed person on social media. In 2016, she joined the network and started working as a mediator for the show called Everyday Struggle and also contributed to the social media company.

Alexis was born on 15 August 1986 in Grenada, Nadeska. She began her career when she was very young and she is now working for MTV News. Plus, she also has her own show and she is worldwide famous on social media. Furthermore, she also has linked up with many popular musicians and actors for the interviews.

Career Beginnings of Alexis

Alexis after graduation started her career as soon as possible by joining AOL Music Magazine. She also kept focusing on the hip-hop scene as the writer. Similarly, after two years of her experience and knowledge, she joined MTV news. From 2011 to 2016 she was affiliated with MTV News. She gained so much knowledge that she has now debuted her own television during this time period. She has also worked with Blackbook Media as an assistant.

She is looking beautiful in white t-shirt
Photo of Alexis 
Source: Instagram (neweryork)

In 2013, she appeared on the show RapFix Live and she showed regularly till 2014. After that, she returned back to MTV in 2017 for the role of moderator on the show Everyday Struggle. She was one of the important members being a talented producer and moderator of the hip-hop debate show Everyday Struggle. Similarly, she opened her own show called Beats 1 on New York's hip-hop scene. 

Furthermore, She has also given her precious time to worldwide famous musicians such as Designer and Push T. She once appeared on the show called Complex Conversations successfully. Likewise, in 2018 she showed up in a Complex Media Production called Open Late with Peter Rosenberg. In the same year, she was a successful actress by debuting her musical comedy film The After Party on Netflix.

Early Life and Education

Alexis being a famous music journalist she quite silent while talking about her family. She has chosen not to share information about her family with the public. She is quite a secret person. She didn't have any idea regarding her aims for the future when she was young. Plus, she spends her childhood in a luxurious way without any financial problems. And she was also a talented student, where she used to score good marks on exams.

Similarly, she spent her childhood in Grenada where she lived with her parents along with pets. Her high school was a successful journey for her. After completing school level she went to Binghamton University for further studies to earn a bachelor's degree. But, when she was at the school level she was in love with journalism so, she thought of learning about Journalism and global culture in 2008.

Personal Life

Nadeska was born in Grenada. She is a private person so she wants to keep her personal information private. She doesn't feel guilt or she is not shy about sharing her information, she does not want her private information to get spotted. Plus, some rumors said that she has been in a relationship with some unknown guy and there is no factual information about her relationship. And she has not said anything about her relationship with the unknown person.

Similarly, Nadeska's silence is increasing the public's interest to know about her relationship. So some rumors are saying that she might be a lesbian because she had never spoken about her man. Likewise, by notifying the fact that she appears in interviews and her social media appearance, she seems to be single. She hasn't gotten married and doesn't have any kids.

Rise to Prominence

In January 2016, her journey at MTV News ended thoroughly. That is the same year, she joined Complex Media and continued her journalism career. Similarly, In 2017, she made a break from her previous work when she started working as a moderator of the show Everyday Struggle.

It looks like she is travelling in moutains
Photo of Nadeska Alexis
Source: Instagram (neweryork)

Similarly, she also appeared in the show Complex Conversation and hosted the first late-night show which was produced by Complex Media and Open Late with Peter Rosenberg in 2018. All of her hard work and passion increased her fame and income. Likewise, she also programmed her own show called Beats 1 and the first show premiered on 15th February. 

Hobbies, Interests, and Achievements

Nadeska gives her first-ever priority to music and second priority to the people who do music. Besides, she is very fashionable and she is also interested in wearing new clothes and she loves shopping. Similarly, she also enjoys traveling and loves being fresh in nature with fresh air, especially in the mountains. We can also get some of the information from her social media account where she uploads photos while traveling.

She is looking good in curly hairstyle
Photo of Gorgeous Alexis
Source: Instagram (neweryork)

 Likewise, she is also said to be a big fan of great singer Bob Marley, so she also smokes weed every day. Besides everything, she is a famous music journalist, but there is no information about receiving awards. She has not been nominated for award functions. She is still working hard and giving continuity to her career which could success her win awards in the upcoming days.

Net Worth as of 2022

As of 2022, Nadeska Alexis has a net worth of $500 thousand. For a good education and for her career she came to the United States of America. Soon she became a writer and journalist after her hard work and passion for her journalism. Similarly, she joined MTV News and AOL Music Magazine from where she started earning this hefty sum of money. Plus, she also has her own show called Beats and the money that she earns is directly linked to her bank account.

She is looking beautiful in black t-shirt with tied hair.
Photo of beautiful Alexis
Source: Instagram (neweryork)

Furthermore, she is god gifted woman. She has never been involved in any controversial shows but she grew up with her career quickly and became a popular television personality. She also works as a moderator on the television show. Therefore, she has debuted her film on Netflix and we hope to do more. So she might have earned some sort of sum from her progression.

Relationship Status

As of 2022, Alexis is not dating anyone. She is still single and living her life happily. According to some rumors, it is said that she had been in 1 relationship previously but it might not be true. 

Similarly, she doesn't have any boyfriends for now. Like other couples, she might not want to mingle like them. And there is no factual information about her or any other relationships, she might want to keep her personal information personally. 

Social Media Appearance

Alexis is a worldwide famous journalist and writer. She is also popular and active on social media platforms. Where she uploads her beautiful pictures and videos. Like other celebrities, she also the one who has many fans followings her Instagram accounts.

Likewise, she has her own Instagram account under the name neweryork and she has around  91k followers on it. She also has a personal Twitter account in which she has about 65k followers. She is also interested in hanging around with her fans and followers so she usually tries to reply to some of the comments by her fans.

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