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Unknown Facts About V-Wars Actor And Musician Kyle Harrison Breitkopf

Published Thu Mar 05 2020 By DGM
Unknown Facts About V-Wars Actor And Musician Kyle Harrison Breitkopf

Kyle Harrison Breitkopf is a famous Canadian child actor, best known for portraying several characters in Films and Television Series debuting for the first time in 2010, taking a milestone of success till present days. He was born on July 13, 2005, in Ontario, Canada.

Kyle Harrison Breitkopf is one of the popular child actors in Canada. He is best recognized for portraying Barker Simmons in the 2012 comedy movie, Parental Guidance, Henry Bennigan on the ABC series, The Whispers in 2015. 

He played the main role of Dez in the 2019 American sci-fi horror web TV series, V-Wars, which increased his popularity even more among the people. Here are some facts about him:

How Much Is Kyle Worth?

The Canadian actor holds an estimated net worth of $800,000 from his successful career as an actor working in movies and television series. 

He started performing form an early age of four and has landed important roles in successful ABC series 'The Whispers' and movie 'Parental Guidance'.

Kyle's Mother is Also Into Film Industry

Kyle isn't the only one working in the film industry because he has inherited it from his mother. Yes, his mamma Janice Breitkopf is also a renowned producer, director, writer, and actress who is in the filming business for more than two decades. 

Breitkopf has learnt a lot from his mom and has full support from her. As a matter of fact, he is lead cast of the TV series 'Getting Kandid with Kyle' which is indeed directed by his mother. He is blessed to have such love and support from his mamma in thriving in the acting industry.

Elder Sisters

The 'Catch a Christmas Star' actor is the youngest among the four children of his parents. He has three elder sisters namely Emily Breitkopf, Kaelyn Breitkopf, and Ashley Breitkopf.

He is very protective of his siblings as they grew up together. He very often takes it to Insta account and posts lovely pictures with his sisters.

In picture, Kyle Harrison Breitkopf poses with his parents and elder sisters.
Kyle Harrison Breitkopf with his parents and sisters.

Middle Name is Kept After A Famous Actor 

Kyle's middle name 'Harrison' is kept after the legendary American actor and the 'Star Wars' actor Harrison Ford. His middle name was kept after Ford because they both share the same birth date i.e. 13 July. The child-actor is really lucky to share his birthday as well as name with the veteran actor.

Has Won Multiple Prestigious Awards

Kyle has won multiple awards from his appreciated work in films and television series. He won the 'Scene Stealer Award' for 'Parental Guidance'. 

He also won the 'Young Artist Award' in 2014 for 'Catch a Christmas Star'. Not only that, but he was also nominated for 'Best Supporting Young Actor Age Ten and Under in a Feature Film'.

Is Multi-Talented 

Besides acting, Kyle is also talented at playing guitar, drums, and skateboarding. During his leisure, he grabs his electric guitar and plays melodious tunes. Moreover, he is also really good at singing which makes it a complete package of talent and entertainment. 

Instagram Influencer

Kyle Harrison Breitkopf is an Instagram influencer and has over 100K followers on his Gram. He uploads pictures and videos on a regular interval.

A picture of Kyle Harrison Breitkopf playing electric guitar.
Kyle Harrison Breitkopf is also good at singing and playing guitar.

Physical Specifications

Breitkopf stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 m) and weighs about 105 lbs (47 kg). He has red hair and a pair of dark brown eyes. 

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