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Joan Van Ark Didn't Admit Plastic Surgeries But We Find Some Difference

Published Wed Dec 11 2019 By DGM
Joan Van Ark Didn't Admit Plastic Surgeries But We Find Some Difference

The famous American actress and a member of 'The Actors Studio', Joan Van Ark has been rumored that she went underwent the needle and had several plastic surgeries.

Ark has never admitted that she had any sorts of cosmetic procedures on her face. While her face makes us more convincing that it is filled with artificial substances because of the absurd changes. Here are the surgeries he has been alleged to have done:

Joan Van Ark Before & After

The 76 years old actress Joan Van Ark's face has transformed and altered throughout all these years when she had a very successful career in Hollywood. Today she looks a totally different person than before which can seen in the picture given below:

A picture of Joan Van Ark from past (left) and present (right).
Joan Van Ark from past (left) and present (right).
Image Source: Pinterest

From the picture, it can be easily said and thought that Van's face isn't how it used to be in the past. Putting the changes she has faced due to aging, she still doesn't appear the old gorgeous actress she used to be.


Belpharoplasty which is also called eyelid reconstruction is supposed to have transformed Joan's eyelids in a very shocking way. Critics say that she endured the surgery and made her eyes look hollowed-out which surely is not suiting her the right way. Her eyelids look so swollen and baggy if we compare her past's picture from present's one in the above given picture.

Cheek Fillers

The spouse of John Marshall is also insinuated to have had her face filled with cosmetic fillers. The surgery is thought to have added the volume of skin on her face giving her a smoother and awkward appearance. Her cheeks seem so puffy and unnatural that anyone could doubt whether her cheeks are real or fake.

A picture of Joan Van Ark before (left) and after (right).
Joan Van Ark before (left) and after (right).
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Though the 'Knots Landing' star has never revealed that she had her face injected, it is very obvious to discover what she's been trying to hide behind so overly make up on her face. Her cheeks appear so botched that it is hard to believe that she is the actress who won the hearts of millions in the 1979-1993 drama.

Botox Injections

People also believe that Vanessa Marshall's mother Joan Van Ark has also injected her face with Botox injections. The reason behind this is the puffiness on her facial skin and the botched face of her. As it is already 76 now, it is quite obvious that she might have desired to look younger than her age by going under the knife. But opposite to her expectations, it appears that she indeed suffered a plastic disaster none of her fans really like her current face.

Lip Fillers

The rumor of Van Ark's lip job is just as promising as other rumors because of the shocking and definite changes on her lips. To clarify, she is a kind of person whom we have always known for having a slimmer pair of lips. But these days, she isn't really the actress we were familiar to. The size of her lips have shockingly changed which could possibly be because of the lip fillers she is alleged to have done.

A picture of Joan Van Ark before (left) and after (right).
Joan Van Ark before (left) and after (right).
Image Source: Purple Clover

In the above picture, we can easily differentiate that Joan Van Ark's lips have altered a lot from past and present. While her upper lip used to be slimmer than the lower one in her young days, they have now become puffy and almost equal to each other. It seems more reasonable that indeed used collagen fillers on lips to gain an increase in her lips. 

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