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Isaiah Stannard

Published Tue Jul 05 2022 By dishant
Isaiah Stannard

Isaiah Stannard is an American actor. He is worldwide famous for his best lead role in the comedy-drama television series Good Girls in 2018 as Ben Marks. He entered the acting industry when he was in school. He has earned millions of fans and followers just because of his fabulous acting skills and work.

He was born on October 1, 2004, in New York, the United States of America in a Christain family. He was born with the zodiac sign of Libra and they are very genuine in nature. Being his teenager he is working hard to make his career successful. And he has also owned millions of people's hearts.

Career beginnings at the age of 17

In 2012, he started his career playing a child role in the movie "Child Carl in Star Stuff: The Story of Carl Sagan", as the name of Carl Sagan. He was paid for his hit movies Party Dress and Brad's Status which were released in 2017. He is also very famous on Netflix making his movie premiered in 2018 called Good-Girls. Similarly, his family is very supportive of making his career bright.

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Photo of Isaiah Stannard
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Similarly, Isaiah's acting was very good and it was liked by everyone like teachers, family, friends, and so on. He became famous in his teenage life. He might a brilliant student and he might be a very successful person in the future. His first ever role in 2015 was as Carl Sagan in the short drama Star Stuff: A Story of Carl Sagan. The movie created positive reviews and his acting skills and performance own many people's hearts.

Early Life and Childhood

Isaiah was born in New York City, United States, he is now 17 years old. He lives with his father and mother. His father is a springer's Senior Editor, whereas his mother is a popular actress, model and singer named Kristin Johansen. His childhood memory was not so good because his mother got divorced from his father. And now his mother has started dating a therapist named Warran Marsh

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Photo of Stannard reading a book
Source: Instagram (isaiahstannard)

Likewise, His Nickname is Lzzy and he performs very well under the moniker. Izzy started living s a girl as a child and he changed his name from Isaish to Izzy recently. In other words, it is also called transgender. Therefore, since his teenage period, acting has been in his blood by the blessing and following the footsteps of his mother. He also loves dancing, singing, and performing on stage from a very young age of time.

Personal Life 

Isaiah is being cared for and raised by his mother, Kristin Johansen, and her partner Warren Mash. But, he was born to Eric Stannard and Kristin. He spend his childhood in new york and he went to a reputable private for high school knowledge. Similarly, from an early age, he was very interested in acting and had a normal life in the childhood stage.

Besides, He has completed his school level by attending to study performing in arts. Sadly, he is also one of the most discussed aspects of his life, it might be the issue of his gender. Similarly, many people are debating whether he is a girl or a boy because his character and personality are quite different than others. Other boys like playing guitar, cycling and playing video games but he is different he likes to play with pets.

Relationships and Girlfriends

Isaiah being a famous actor in the series Good Girls, is very close to his co-actor Lidya Jewett. He usually uploads a picture with her enjoying themselves on his Instagram account. They might like each other and might be dating secretly.

Similarly, some of the rumors said that they are dating but Isaish and Lyda have made clear that they are just good friends and that their relationship is intellectual. Furthermore, he has appeared with his friend Olivia Robertson on some occasions. So some of his fans are predicting that they might be dating by any chance.

Is Isaiah transgender?

In the series Good Girls, he played the role of Ben and by his body posture, people started recognizing him for playing a transgender role. The role was only for the boy but the producer changed his mind and allowed all the children of all genders for the audition.

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Photo of Stannard hanging camera on his shoulder
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The story of Ben was just a boy who get bullied at school for being womanly. After winning the role, he came out of his trans period and the character's story was looking perfect to him. And by giving him an opportunity and looking at the story the producers told him to be transgender again. The producers and writer of the movie have also worked with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), it is an American media organization run by members of the LGBT community. 

Furthermore, He has said that he started examining his pwn gender identity and soon he will manage to come out and change his pronoun anyhow. And the character Ben came from his mother in the series, his parents also accepted his identity in real life. Likewise, he has many difficulties as he is tomboyish to most of the producers. But now, he hopes that he has been successful in his career so he might be able to get play the lead role in upcoming movies. 

Intresting Facts about Isaiah

  • He was a successful actor at the age of 17.
  • He got the opportunity to an acting career when he was in school.
  • He is fond of making the reels on Instagram
  • He loves pet dogs rather than playing guitar and stuff.
  • Everyone like his acting skills and his personality.
  • He owned his fame with his series Good Girls in 2018.
  • The story took many harsh situations but, his identity was accepted by his family and friends.

Net Worth

Being a worldwide famous actor as a teenager has a net worth of $50,000. He might be satisfied with his sum of money as a teenager. It is a huge amount of sum for teenagers. He might be sharing this money with his parents or he might be saving for his bright future ahead. And he must be working hard to increase his salary in the upcoming days. Plus he might be saving the money for buying luxurious cars and houses for the quality of life.

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Photo of Isaiah Stannard
Source: Instagram (isaiahstannard)

Similarly, he is so famed and a well-known person he might be living his life luxuriously without any problems. He might be focusing on his career and the upcoming future. And as the other teenagers ask for pocket money from their parents, Isaiah might not need to ask for his parents.  

Social Media Appearance

Being a famous child actor he is very famous at the age of 17 years old. Nowadays, we can know all the information about celebrities via the internet, the internet has played a huge role in every human being's life. Similarly, Isaiah is also one of them who is very active on social media platforms and has a huge fan following.

Likewise, he has around 185k followers on his Instagram account where he also posts his cool photos and videos. Similarly, he also uses Twitter where he has 700+ followers. And lastly, also uses Reddit under the name of GoodGirls.

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